Creating Smiles with the King of Pops with Nick Carse | Episode 203


MAY 8, 2018


EPISODE 203 | MAY 8, 2018

In this episode, Benjamin chats with King of Pops founder Nick Carse about life, risks, and how to create unexpected moments of happiness in the lives of people around you. In a classic deep dive, Nick talks about how he went from analyzing risk to taking risks: hint, it has something to do with the famous Harry Hand Case.  He also discusses how he and the team at King of Pops have created a Farm to Pop model by extending what it means to create small batch pops are made with love in the South. If you’re stuck at your job, but have a dream of changing the world, you need to listen to this interview.  Maybe you’ll learn the difference between a “decision” and a “choice”.

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Guest Bio

Nick Carse is the co-founder of King of Pops—the wildly delicious and success Atlanta based Popsicle company. He is also a former prosecutor who’s been bringing taste buds to justice from the jump:  “Order..Order in the King’s Court!  Yes…I’ll take a dozen!”  Currently, he is the Integrator: making sure things flow and removing obstacles so that King of Pops continues to improve, be awesome, and make the steamy South sing with cool delight. He is the co-creator of the man bun and co-owner of {insert name here}’s heart. He hosts the coolest onesie party (pajama jammie-jam) in the Southeast.  Few wear a shirt better.  T-Shirt, Button Up, you name it.  Ain’t afraid of showing a little tummy neither.  But, let it stand on record that he detests deli meat, so don’t even go there. Except!  We will go here:  Nick is a true renaissance man playing the part of entrepreneur. He could start his day in a difficult negotiation with a company 100x the size of KoP, quickly rewire an outlet at HQ, and then ride his bike home to work in his garden. He’s a tireless worker, has really long hair, and is the {insert your favorite mechanical part here} that makes sure things continue to progress at King of Pops.

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