Life Is Alive With Catherine Fitzmaurice | Episode 202


APRIL 24, 2018


EPISODE 202 | APRIL 24, 2018

In this rare interview, Benjamin discusses the meaning of life with one of the world’s leading theatre and voice practitioners, Catherine Fitzmaurice. Together they discuss the dynamic nature of life, the beauty of death, and everything that happens in between. Catherine goes on to reveal that she is not afraid of something that tends to haunt us all, the importance of rethinking traditions, and how to make the world your peer. Throughout, there are laughs, deep breaths, and lots of truth. You do not have to be a theatre-goer to relate to her experience and the wisdom she’s derived from it.

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Guest Bio

Catherine Fitzmaurice is the originator of Fitzmaurice Voicework, "a comprehensive approach to voice training" that is taught in acting schools, studios, workshops, and private lessons throughout the United States and the world. The January 2010 issue of American Theatre magazine calls Fitzmaurice one of "the great lions of the field of voice work in the U.S." and one of the "visionary innovators in the craft" of voice training for actors. Over the past thirty-five years, she has "become one of the half-dozen most influential voice teachers in the theatre," whose "legacy and enduring influence are secure."   

Her experimentation in combining Reichian bioenergetics with her classical training in voice and speech led to the inception of Fitzmaurice Voicework, which continues to grow and expand with the adaptation of Fitzmaurice's discoveries in yoga, shiatsu, and other psychophysical systems. She has taught at the Juilliard School's Drama Division, Yale School of Drama, Harvard University, New York University, Circle in the Square Theatre, American Conservatory Theatre, the University of Southern California, the University of California, Los Angeles, the Moscow Art Theatre, the Stratford Shakespearean Festival, the Guthrie Theatre, and the Lincoln Center. Fitzmaurice continues to teach workshops, intensives, and teacher certifications across the world while maintaining a regular presence in both Los Angeles and New York City. 

She has been invited to lecture and conduct workshops in numerous venues across the world, including: the Roy Hart Center in France; the Performance Breath Conference at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London; the Purnati Arts Centre in Bali; the Congreso de Voz in Chile; and the annual conferences of both the Association for Theatre in Higher Education and the Voice and Speech Trainers Association. Fitzmaurice Voicework is taught at over one hundred colleges, universities, and studios worldwide by certified teachers. 

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