The Reality of Reality TV with Matt Sprouse | Episode 124


SEPTEMBER 19, 2017


EPISODE 124 | SEPTEMBER 19, 2017

They say to stick to what you know, and it seems like we do the same thing when it comes to what entertains us. We want the next big idea, while at the same time, we have a soft spot for the stories and formulas we’ve come to know and love. It’s hypocritical, but a reality of life. No one knows more about reality and television than Matt Sprouse. He’s a reality TV producer behind shows like Welcome to Myrtle Manor and Sons of Guns. In this episode he sits down with Benjamin to talk about what it’s like trying to capture life in front of the camera, while still shaping what’s unscripted into a story.

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Guest Bio

In his role Matt oversees series produced out of Jupiter’s New York office. While with Jupiter Matt has developed, produced, directed, or managed hit series including Modern Marvels, Vanished, Sons of Guns for Discovery, and most recently Welcome to Myrtle Manor for TLC. Before joining Jupiter in 2010, Matt worked with various production companies producing programming for Food Network, Animal Planet, DIY, and HGTV.

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