Our Pursuit of Greatness with Pete and Matthew Gardner | Ep. 109

JUNE 6, 2017


EPISODE 109 |  JUNE 6, 2017

Benjamin sits down with actor Pete Gardner, and his son Matthew Gardner, to discuss what it means to balance being a success in our careers, in our family responsibilities, and with every other title that we claim to be! Together, Ben, Pete, and Matthew discuss how to seek well-rounded excellence without neglecting other interests in life. Join us, as we dive into what it means to chase a three dimensional greatness.

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Guest Bio

Pete and Matt Gardner are a one of a kind father-son comedy duo who preform as STREET SHARKS on the first Monday of every month at IO WEST.  

Pete can be seen in the CW’s critically acclaimed comedy “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” where Pete plays Darryl, and Matt can be seen live with IO WEST'S critically acclaimed POCKETS, every Tuesday. Where Matt plays many people, because that's how improv shows work.

Guest Links

Pete's Website: http://www.petegardner.com/

Pete's Twitter: https://twitter.com/mrpetegardner