Sparking Our Curiosity with Ethan Sawyer | Ep. 108


MAY 30, 2017

EPISODE 108 |  MAY 30, 2017

Ethan Sawyer, better known as College Essay Guy, is a master of questions. When Benjamin sits down with him to chat, the two quickly dig in to the power of curiosity and how our inquisitive nature can ignite passions in all areas of life. Join in on the conversation, as Ethan opens up to what it means to listen unconditionally.

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Guest Bio

Ethan Sawyer is a nationally recognized college essay expert and sought-after speaker. Each year he helps thousands of students and counselors through his online courses, workshops, articles, products, and books, and works privately with a small number of students. 

Raised in Spain, Ecuador, and Colombia, Ethan has studied at seventeen different schools and has worked as a teacher, curriculum writer, voice actor, motivational speaker, community organizer, and truck driver. He is a certified Myers-Briggs® specialist, and his type (ENFJ) will tell you that he will show up on time, that he'll be excited to meet you, and that, more than anything, he is committed to helping people realize their potential. 

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