The Harmony of Stress and Passion with Andrew Heringer | Ep. 105


EPISODE 105  |  MAY 9, 2017

Benjamin sits down to chat with singer, songwriter and former member of Milo Greene, Andrew Heringer to examine how it feels to juggle our stress with our dreams and aspirations. Together, Ben and Andrew explore how our past and relationships can shape the paths we take in life and how to deal with the repercussions when moving forward. Listen in as Andrew invites listeners into his personal creative process, his spirituality, and even shares a song-in-progress from his new album.

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Guest Bio

In 2009, Andrew Heringer started writing and recording music that eventually became the debut album by Milo Greene. In his time performing since, he’s toured internationally, appeared on multiple late night television shows including Late Night With David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Conan. Today, Andrew Heringer is releasing his new music as The Guest and the Host.

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