Embracing Foolishness with Mitch Lewis | Ep. 104


EPISODE 104 |  May 2, 2017

This week Benjamin meets with Mitch Lewis – artist, optimistic cynic, and one-third of viral video comedian-provocateurs The Kloons. Exploring what it means to be a good person in 2017, Mitch and Ben dig into ego, ambition, sketch comedy, the rollercoaster of viral fame, Burning Man, and the daunting practice of meditation. Open your mind to all possibilities in this episode, and discover the rich rewards of not knowing what you’re doing.

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Guest Bio

Mitch Lewis is the conventional name of an unconventional man losing his mind as gracefully as possible. He is best known for his work with The Kloons, a YouTube channel/creative platform he founded with his two best friends, Greg Washburn and Nik Kazoura. I am You. I just look different when your eyes are open.

Guest Links

The Kloons on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube

Mitch’s website: foolishcoward.com