Too Far Gone with Billy Vaughan | Episode 135


DECEMBER 5, 2017


EPISODE 135 | DECEMBER 5, 2017

Whether its addiction, or overcoming our psychological trauma, recovery is a long and lonely road to walk. Former marine Billy Vaughan has done his best to ensure that the people who come to his organization have as much support as he can give. When he sits down to chat with Ben, the two talk about redemption and healing and how to come to terms with the individuals that some might think are too far gone.

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Guest Bio

Billy Vaughan is a native of Pocahontas, Arkansas, who served in outreach ministry with his family growing up. He then served as a United States Marine for 21 years, starting enlisted at 18 and retiring as a Captain in 2010. He then attended seminary in Southern California and for the last seven years, he has been involved in multiple recovery contexts in churches and rescue missions, specializing in helping people recover from the effects of trauma. For five years he served at the Union Rescue Mission on Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles. As a chaplain and Director of Guest Services, he managed a staff of over 50, providing services and resources for over 600 guests experiencing homelessness per night.

He is currently the President and Director of Recovery at The Sanctuary Farm & Rest House in Warm Springs, Arkansas, a non-profit dedicated to creating habitat for creation, a haven for people, and hope for recovery from trauma or substance abuse.

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