Mind's Best Friend with Jeff Fink | Episode 136

DECEMBER 12, 2017


EPISODE 136 | DECEMBER 12, 2017

Jeff Fink has struggled with depression since he was a teenager. His battle for emotional health and functionality took him through endless medications, therapy, and finally hospitalization. However, it wasn’t until he met Earl that his life finally began to turn around. Earl has been a life long friend and an incredible support as Jeff has pushed forward. He’s also a dog. Today Ben and Jeff sit down to discuss mental health, and the incredible impact that animals can have on our well being.

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Guest Bio

Jeff is the founder of Go Fetch Wellness. His mission in life is to improve mental well-being and recovery by integrating animals into the whole-person approach to mental wellness. He and his dog Earl spread awareness by speaking, writing, educating, and working individually, and with groups.

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