Michael Verde: Expanding DEATH OF A SALESMAN Live!


FEBRUARY 23, 2019


FEBRUARY 23, 2019

In this live event, world renowned "reader", Michael Verde uses one of the greatest pieces of American literature to change the way we read, relate to the written word, and expand what is possible for an artist.  Somewhere between brain candy and a soul massage, this will inspire you and open your eyes to see what, perhaps, has been there all along.

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Guest Bio

Michael Verde grew up in east Texas, where he played football, went to church, raised show pigs, and read so much it alarmed his high school counselor. He earned a M.A. in literary studies from the University of Iowa, and a M.A. in theology from the University of Durham, England, where he graduated at the top of his international class.

In 2003, Michael founded Memory Bridge (memorybridge.org). To date, Memory Bridge has connected over 8,000 people with and without dementia to each other in one-to-one relationships

Michael speaks across the world on the subjects of literature, world religions, and communicating with people with dementia. He is currently pursuing a PhD in the area of empathetic education at Indiana University.

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