Getting Fit with Dr. Crossfit | Episode 209


EPISODE 209 | JULY 31, 2018

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In this episode, Benjamin sits down with Kansas State University professor, Dr. Katie Heinrich to discuss her studies on one of the worlds leading workout programs, CrossFit.  She offers a unique perspective one the high intensity workouts and dives into nutrition, sports psychology, and why Crossfit isn't exactly what you think it is.  Whether you work out or not, you'll want to know the information she has to share!

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Guest Bio

Katie is the faculty member responsible for K-State CrossFit. She is an Associate Professor of Exercise Behavioral Science and Director of the Functional Intensity Training Laboratory.  She holds a CrossFit Level 2 certification and also is CrossFit Kids certified. She is certified Level I and Level II: Jumps by USA Track & Field. She was an item writer for the CrossFit Coaching Certification Exam.

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