Healing Through Art with Damilola Apotieri | Episode 122





It’s possible to feel alone even when we’re surrounded by people, but one of the best ways to reach out and make a connection is by using art. When it seems society is spinning out of control, art can be used as a platform to pull us back together. Today Benjamin sits down with artist and activist Damilola Apotieri to discuss his belief that no matter the circumstance, where there is life, there is hope, and it’s art that can help us find it.

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Guest Bio

A graduate of Theatre Arts, Lagos State University and Redeemer’s University. He has a B.A and Masters in Applied Drama; Theatre in Education, Community and Social Context from the prestigious Drama for Life division at the University of the Witwatersrand. He is Nigeria’s first Applied Drama practitioner and Playback Theatre practitioner and a member of the International Playback Theatre Network, Drama for Life Africa Network, Applied Improvisation network and an alumnus of the Centre for Playback Theatre (USA) where he trained in Playback Theatre core course and conducting. Damilola has a 20 year experience in Media/Theatre for Social Change and is dedicated to exploring the transforming power of arts.

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