Being Human in Business, Music & Politics with James N. Kinney | Episode 102

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Episode 102 | April 18, 2017


Benjamin meets with entrepreneur, management consultant and musician James N. Kinney to explore what it means to be authentically engaged in all areas of life. Diving into what it means to truly connect, Benjamin and James explore values, personality and more before James invites listeners to be bold in connecting with him and actually gives out his personal phone number. Listen in and learn how being human means living inside a question and holding the possibility of being right and wrong at the same time.

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Guest Bio

James N. Kinney is a bi-coastal executive with 15 years of experience. A CNN-featured thought leader and founder of and Kinney Group Events along with several other ventures, Kinney is a bi-coastal branding, marketing and experiential executive with 15 years of experience. Kinney's companies are based in New York and Los Angeles and have included Fiji Water, Forest Whitaker’s Junto™Box Films, Estée Lauder, Guess Inc., Tony Hawk Foundation, Alpinvest, ELLE Magazine, Dell, Toyota, City National Bank, Yahoo, AOL, Morgans Hotel Group, Belkin, Lucinda Bassett, Juli Grbac and many of the world's leading brands. Kinney serves on the advisory board of AquaDopa, Melrose PR and The Fashion Law Group in Los Angeles. Kinney is an avid fund-raiser for various charities.

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