Clearing the Air with Adam Asher | Episode 130


OCTOBER 31, 2017


EPISODE 130 | OCTOBER 31, 2017

First impressions are everything. But when Adam Asher hands someone a business card he’s either met with immediate kinship or eye-rolling disdain. Adam is a conservative talk radio producer, but as much as we would like to assume things about someone based on their occupation, how we make our livelihood is only a part of who we are. Adam is driven to challenge the status quo, and the idea of what can be learned when we dig a little deeper into the people around us. Join Benjamin as he talks with Adam about conservatism, liberalism, and the unspoken ideas that connect the two philosophies together.

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Guest Bio

Adam is an innovative media professional with Salem Media Group in Atlanta. He is Station Manager for several stations and Executive Producer behind numerous radio shows that have the city's attention. 

Adam and his team provide proven professionals with a comprehensive platform for building brand awareness and maximizing reach. They showcase their partners' expertise on the radio dial, online, on demand, on mobile devices, via social media and more.

Adam has a passion for broadcast and digital media, for technology and business, and for people. With more than 25 years experience in radio, Adam enjoys identifying talent and helping them build their career (and business) as a radio personality.

Adam values innovation, productivity, and tenacity. 

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