Flexing your Empathy with Edwin Rutsch | Episode 128


OCTOBER 17, 2017


EPISODE 128 | OCTOBER 17, 2017

What is it that separates empathy and action? For some, it’s easier to remain focused on ourselves than it is to clue in to what’s going on with the folks around us. For others, we’re worried that by empathizing with others, we might somehow weaken our own ideals and perspectives. Edwin Rutsch has made it his mission in life to help teach what empathy is, and more importantly how to embrace it. Because it’s when we realize that we don’t have to abandon who we are to be with someone else, that something truly powerful can happen.

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Guest Bio

Edwin Rutsch has dedicated his life to a project on promoting and fostering the value and experience of empathy.  He's working to build a movement to support building a global culture of empathy and compassion. He's looking at nurturing societal transformation, where empathy becomes the primary social and cultural value in the world culture.

Edwin is doing this through the the organization he founded, The Center For Building a Culture of EmpathyWe have many empathy building initiatives. Part of that effort is to create a documentary on the nature and importance of looking at the world through each others eyes.

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