Enjoying Your Insignificance with Ben Mathes Sr. | Ep. 111

With Father’s Day still fresh on our minds, Benjamin sits down to catch up with his dad on the happenings in his life. He opens up about being, “On the verge of insignificance.” Listen in, as the two of them discuss what it’s like to be a father, and what it’s like embracing a new phase of life when it’s time to watch those you’ve passed the torch on to carry on your cause.

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The Other Side of Taboo with Tasha Reign | Ep. 110

When we stop to listen, we not only allow ourselves to be vulnerable to viewpoints we’ve never heard before, but we also engage in topics that are tempting to be close-minded about. In this episode, Benjamin meets up with adult film actress Tasha Reign to chat about sex, love, spirituality, as well as the lesser known details of the pornographic industry.

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Our Pursuit of Greatness with Pete and Matthew Gardner | Ep. 109

Benjamin sits down with actor Pete Gardner, and his son Matthew Gardner, to discuss what it means to balance being a success in our careers, in our family responsibilities, and with every other title that we claim to be! Together, Ben, Pete, and Matthew discuss how to seek well-rounded excellence without neglecting other interests in life. Join us, as we dive into what it means to chase a three dimensional greatness.

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Sparking Our Curiosity with Ethan Sawyer | Ep. 108

Ethan Sawyer, better known as College Essay Guy, is a master of questions. When Benjamin sits down with him to chat, the two quickly dig in to the power of curiosity and how our inquisitive nature can ignite passions in all areas of life. Join in on the conversation, as Ethan opens up to what it means to listen unconditionally.

Fostering Community while Finding the Individual with Ana Lorena Sanchez | Ep. 107

Benjamin invites actress Ana Lorena Sanchez to converse about what it means to have a tribe of people that encourages us on our journey through life. Together, Ana and Ben examine how the communities that we find can shape us and our perspective we take with us into the world. Listen in, and open up to the possibilities made possible by the people we choose to rally behind and for.

Pushing the Boundaries with Stuart Rogers | Ep. 106

Benjamin is joined by actor, director, and teacher Stuart Rogers as they discuss the importance of tradition and what it means to challenge the norms of today. Together, Ben and Stuart examine what exactly can happen when we challenge the authority of the past with the creativity we possess in the present. Join in on the conversation and listen as they discuss everything from the theatrically taboo, to the purpose of family roles, to our very reason for existence.


The Harmony of Stress and Passion with Andrew Heringer | Ep. 105

Benjamin sits down to chat with singer, songwriter and former member of Milo Greene, Andrew Heringer to examine how it feels to juggle our stress with our dreams and aspirations. Together, Ben and Andrew explore how our past and relationships can shape the paths we take in life and how to deal with the repercussions when moving forward. Listen in as Andrew invites listeners into his personal creative process, his spirituality, and even shares a song-in-progress from his new album.

Embracing Foolishness with Mitch Lewis | Ep. 104

This week Benjamin meets with Mitch Lewis – artist, optimistic cynic, and one-third of viral video comedian-provocateurs The Kloons. Exploring what it means to be a good person in 2017, Mitch and Ben dig into ego, ambition, sketch comedy, the rollercoaster of viral fame, Burning Man, and the daunting practice of meditation. Open your mind to all possibilities in this episode, and discover the rich rewards of not knowing what you’re doing.

Humanizing the Post-Millennial Experience with Price Willoch | Episode 103

Benjamin meets with his 18-year-old cousin Price Willoch to riff on all things high school—prom, track meets, Instagram and six packs (abs). A direct line into what it means to be a post-millennial human, Price shares his individual take on locker room conversations, friendships and being authentically human in high school. Lean in to this episode and share in the excitement of how young people like Price will shape our future.

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Being Human in Business, Music & Politics with James N. Kinney | Episode 102

Benjamin meets with entrepreneur, management consultant and musician James N. Kinney to explore what it means to be authentically engaged in all areas of life. Diving into what it means to truly connect, Benjamin and James explore values, personality and more before James invites listeners to be bold in connecting with him and actually gives out his personal phone number. Listen in and learn how being human means living inside a question and holding the possibility of being right and wrong at the same time.

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Moving Through Chaos with Chris Wilson | Episode 101

In HEARD’s premiere episode, Benjamin chats with drummer Chris Wilson, previously of pop/punk band Good Charlotte, who shares what it means to live life’s highs and lows. Chris opens up about withdrawal, suffering, and how being human means celebrating life while also having scars. Join Ben and Chris in this first-ever HEARD podcast episode and hear how real people talk and what real people talk about. 

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